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Jazz Jam hosted by Ted Knowlton, keyboards
Tuesday, September 09, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.

Presented at:
Amazing Things Arts Center

Ticket Prices: $6 ($5 Mem)

or call 508-405-ARTS (2787) 

Sponsored by
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Performing Arts Center of MetroWest
Framingham, MA 

The first hour of the event is a concert, featuring the host band - some of the finest musicians from the area and often featuring great players from NYC and beyond. After the first hour, we open it up to the “jammers” who get the opportunity sit in and hone their skills trading licks with some of the finest players in the area. Some of the best jazz can be heard here any Tuesday night! Come watch or play!!

This weeks feature/host: Ted Knowlton
"Our group starts with bass, drums, and piano. Ken & I (Ted) have been around longer than the other Jazz Jam musicians. We are probably not as "out of the box" (that's Michael's favorite term) as some of the younger musicians hosting the Jam, but we bring a wealth of jazz experience to the party." And, we love "out of the box" folks to jam with. Give us your freedom of expression; we give you a solid base of jazz experience. You draw us out; we draw you out!

Our bassist, Ken Steiner, has extraordinary pizzicato technique. He has been gigging in the Boston area for the last 35 years in a variety of settings. In In addition, Ken helps keep everyone on the same page. I hesitate to say he keeps us straight, but you'll know what I mean when you jump in." - Ted

About the Jam:
The jam balances high level playing with a spirit of welcome and community. Five host bands take turns making your visit to the jam a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Each week a different group and each week a different feel. Here you can hone your skills and trade lick's with some of the finest players in the area. Whether you're a pro or a student, you'll have a great time.

"Back in the days before jazz education moved into the conservatory, kids who wanted to watch a jazz performance or sit in with the band had to sneak into the smoke-filled bars where the musicians congregated. Now the access to the material is much more immediate through the multiple sources of media that are immediately accessible to us. Unfortunately the jazz club environment that spawned and nurtured American jazz has almost completely died out and young musicians have virtually no outlet for performance in front of a live, non-academic audience. We have created just such an environment minus the booze and cigarette smoke, on Tuesday nights where a high level group of professional jazz musicians comes in and performs a set and then opens things up for people to sit
in." - Jamie Stewardson director of Jazz Rivers Music School - Weston MA

Our Jam Leaders
1st Tuesdays Daryl Lowery w/ Berklee College Faculty
2nd Tuesdays Ted Knowlton
3rd Tuesdays Joe Raia
4th Tuesdays James Merenda
5th Tuesdays Kaoruko

Occasional Leaders
Jason Yeager (piano); Dan Fox (Trombone) ; David Eure (Violin)
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